Virtual Lab - Controls

Drag the mouse to move forward in the scene.
Hold the shift key and drag the mouse to move in reverse.
Click on a sensor object to select it for manipulation and viewing its specs.
Once a sensor is selected, clicking and dragging on an arrow will move the sensor in the specified direction.
Clicking and dragging on a circle will rotate the sensor along that axis.
Clicking on a camera sensor object will also open a window to preview the scene through its lens.
Click on a "?" to open a window with information associated with the point of interest in the scene.

Guided Tour:
This button opens a frame containing controls for the guided tour.

Floor Plan:
When this is checked an image of the floor plan will appear in the upper left corner. A red dot is placed on the map to show where you are in the building.

Edit Sensors:
This brings up the editor window. The editor window allows fast access of editing experiment layouts.

Select this option to walk around the scene.

Select this option to fly or swim about the scene.

Adjusting this slider will adjust the speed at which the camera moves.

Adjusting this slider will adjust the speed at which the camera rotates.

Take Me To
Clicking on an entry within this menu will automatically move you to the specified location.

Sensor - Create Sensor:
This brings up a frame listing all the types of basin sensors which can be created. Clicking on one of the sensor types listed will place the sensor of your choice within your hands. When a sensor is in your hands the next click in the screen will place the sensor at the clicked location within the scene.

Sensor - Remove Sensor:
This removes the currently selected object.

Sensor - Preview Sensor View:
This brings up a frame showing what the view would look like through the eyes of the currently selected basin sensor. If no basin sensor is selected then this view will show the same image as the main view.

Sensor - Show Statistics:
This brings up a frame showing statistics associated with the selected sensor.

Advanced Menu - Annotate Scene:
When in scene annotation mode, clicking on a "?" will bring up a window allowing you to edit information associated with an object within the scene.